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eDiscovery Processing Services

Lexbe offers a variety of eDiscovery processing and litigation support services to assist law firms and organizations involved in litigation with the challenges of quickly and accurately preparing email, office and other native files and other electronically stored information (ESI) for legal review and delivery for discovery production requests.

With Lexbe’s rapid eDiscovery processing and litigation support services you will never miss a discovery deadline again. Leveraging Amazon’s industry leading AWS cloud architecture, Lexbe is the first in the litigation support industry to scale up to TBs of processing power per day in just minutes. More importantly Lexbe can deliver this eDiscovery processing power at an affordable price.

Whether you are one of the largest firms or the smallest, Lexbe’s eDiscovery processing services will help meet your deadlines and solve litigation support problems reliably and affordably.

Lexbe eDiscovery Processing Service Benefits

  • Fastest eDiscovery and litigation support processing in the industry
  • Reduces risk by avoiding missed deadlines
  • Complements existing internal solutions to increase flexibility and expand eDiscovery bandwidth, or use Lexbe as a stand-alone solution
  • Reduce overall eDiscovery costs with industry leading pricing.

Lexbe Rapid eDiscovery Processing Services Include

  • NearDup Groupings+: Identify key documents, group similar documents, ensure consistency in privilege coding, and enable email threading.
  • ESI Culling+: Reduce data sets to manageable sizes with DeNIST, email and file date and time, custodian and keywords searching.  Enable keyword searching based on extracted text after email and attachment separation and OCR as needed for better quality search results.
  • Privilege Secure+: Prevent the inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents by identifying near-duplicate copies of confidential documents.
  • Native Processing+ (to PDF): Convert Outlook email (PST and MSG), and hundreds of common native files to searchable PDF files for review or production.  OCR completed on image PDFs and other image files for increased searchability.  Metadata Excel log includes extracted metadata for analysis and tracking.  Load files included to facilitate load into litigation review systems: DAT (Concordance, Ringtail), DII (Summation) and XLSX (Lexbe).
  • Native Processing+ (to TIFF): Convert a wide assortment of native files (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook email, and hundreds more commonly used file types) to TIFF images with text and load files ready for review and production.  Produce load files in DAT/OPT (Concordance, Ringtail), DII (Summation), and Excel XLSX (Lexbe) load files included in all jobs.  OCR of image files and text extracted for native files for best text quality.
  • Native Extraction+: Flatten and extract native file attachments and metadata to create loadfile in preparation for native or near native review.
  • eDiscovery OCR+: Perform high volume optical character recognition (OCR) for Image PDFs, TIFFs, and other image files with the capacity to deliver millions of pages a day.
  • ESI Preservation+: Early case nearline storage of pre-processed data collections.

To learn more, download these Overviews:

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