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About Lexbe

Lexbe is a leader in the development of eDiscovery processing and review technology.

Lexbe’s proprietary architecture and software solution allows us to deliver eDiscovery services faster than any other vendor on the market. Unlike onsite processing tools and review platforms that require IT professionals to install new servers and eDiscovery software to scale on an as-needed basis, the Lexbe platform leverages servers from Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure, which automates the provisioning of resources so we can meet the needs of any client and any case anywhere in the world, in a matter of minutes. World renowned for providing reliable, high quality service, AWS supports some of the biggest IT demands in the world, from companies like SAP, Oracle and Adobe.

How It Works

Lexbe has developed proprietary eDiscovery technology that allows us to instantly scale up computing power as needed to process case documents and host them for review. In other words, no matter how much data you have in your case, we are able to dynamically deploy resources to ensure every processing, review, or production task is done within your time frame and budget. If you have an immediate deadline and need fast, reliable processing services that take advantage of the best technology available, we can immediately scale to meet those needs. If you are leveraging internal resources today for eDiscovery processing, we can also act as a compliment to your existing resources to help you meet your case deadlines. In effect we can deliver eDiscovery services and software whenever you need them, on-demand.

eDiscovery Processing Services

Lexbe offers a wide range of processing services to prepare raw case data for review and production. No matter how much case data you need to process or how quickly you need to process it, our technology allows us to deliver your data on time and at the lowest price available in the industry. Our processes are so efficient that we are even able to apply technology assisted review (TAR) to native processing jobs at no additional cost.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) is our cloud-based document management and review application including case management features. We have designed LEP to be easy to use, without sacrificing any of the features litigation professionals expect in best-of-breed review software. LEP allows you to simply “drag and drop” files into the platform when you’re ready to process the raw data. Our processing throughput is lightning-fast, and your case documents will be ready for review in the platform same day—no more waiting on third party processing vendors or service providers to process your data for you.


Security is of utmost importance to us. Client data is maintained at state-of-the-art, access controlled data centers and monitored 24-7. All user access is through encrypted (256-bit) SSL connections. Learn more about our high security environment.

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